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posted May 23, 2018, 10:28 AM by NF Library

The Drop Off Center (33 Bigelow Road) will be open during the following hours:  Tuesdays 8-3:45; Thursdays 4-7PM; Saturdays 8-3:45.  Residents may dispose of brush (anything under 8 inches in diameter) at the Drop Off Center for free during those hours.  Contractors will be charged $10 for pick-up truck of brush and $20 for a box truck.  Wood chips are free.  Do not dump material on any other Town properties.


The Town will pick up brush from curbsides, but has not yet determined a date for that pickup.  Do not put brush in the road.  You will be asked to remove any material that is in the roadway. 


The size limitation is because of the size of the chipper we have.  We are working on getting a bigger one and may be able to accept bigger size brush in the future.


Keep all receipts for possible reimbursement through the FEMA process.